Our Restaurant

High-class gourmet restaurant. The most admired and exquisite dishes. Outstanding service.
Pure enjoyment.


Bhutanese Cuisine

Delicious ema Datshi. The name is simple if you speak Dzongkha – “ema” means chilli, and “datshi” means cheese. Those are the two main ingredients, and pretty much all this dish is made of. Just red or green chillies, sliced and stir-fried, and drowned in a sauce made from rich yak’s milk cheese


Mexican Cuisine

Colorful, spicy and flavorsome Mexican cuisine appeals to eye and taste. Fall to its temptation and relish hearty soups, fresh-grilled fajitas or try iconic tequila cocktails.


Japanese Cuisine

World-renowned classy dishes from The Land of the Raising Sun: traditional miso soup, yakitori, sashimi and sushi with variety of ingredients. Simplicity and delight are key!


Indian Cuisine

Exotic spices, vegetables and piquant taste… We serve Tandoori Chicken, Chole, Rogan Josh, rice or vegetable specialties and many more famous dishes of Indian cuisine.